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The Omniwatch Aiphone NHX interface consists of a small pc board and the main OW400 pc board. The small pc board mounts inside the Aiphone NHX unit and connects to 2 connectors on the Aiphone NHX pc board.

There is an output for a paging transmitter to send pages of the call light data. The call light activity data is stored and can be transferred to a computer using the Omniwatch program to display the call light activity and response times.

There is also a RS485 output that can be connected to a computer using the 'NCDISPLAY' program that shows the calls as they happen on a computer screen. It can also send an email of the call and also it can connect to a two way radio and speak over the radio the room that placed the call.

The pictures shown are the small interface board and the interface board mounted inside the Aiphone NHX control unit.

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