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Microvision 310

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The Microvision 310 is a low cost nurse call annunciator with numerous features. It receives 900 MHz spread spectrum transmissions from pull string stations, bed stations, pendants and door alarms. It supports up to 300 wireless devices and is fully programmable with the included software. The calls are displayed on a 8 line or 4 line 40 character display.

The door alarms have a time schedule. There are 6 relay outputs, an output for up to 250 dome lamps and an output for a radio paging transmitter for pocket pagers. The call data is recorded including response time and can be transferred to a computer to display the call data with the Omniwatch reporting software. The annunciator panel comes in a 8" X 10" X 4" desk console version. It uses EN type transmitters.

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