Omniwatch OW400-NHX Interface to Aiphone NHX Nurse Call System

Adds computer reporting of call light activity, radio paging, email and two way radio

Aiphone IF PCB

The system consists of a small pc board (shown above) and a main board. The small board mounts inside the Aiphone NHX control unit and connects to connectors CN8 and CN9. The main board is in a cabinet mounted nearby.

There is a RS232 serial data output for connection to a paging transmitter to send pages to an alpha-numeric pager. The pager will display the room number as well as the type of call such as 'Normal', 'Emer' and 'Cord Out'. Page escalation features are also available. The unit records the call data which can be transferred to a computer using a RS422 port to display call activity and response times usng the Omniwatch software.

A RS485 serial data output port is available that can be connected to a computer that can display the calls on the screen as they happen. This program can send the call information in an email to a cell phone. This program also has a feature of tkurning on an attached two way radio and speaking over the radio with the room number that placed a call.

Cut sheet on the Aiphone Interface

Omniwatch PC board shown mounted in NHX control unit

PC board mounting