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Omniwatch turns your existing call light system into a state of the art
for a fraction of the cost of a new call light system!

Omniwatch Overview 11 Minute Video


Computer Reports Demo

View a demo of the information that is available with the nurse call computer reports.


online orders - prices

Online order page where you can view prices of individual componets. Nurse call dealers should call for information on dealer prices.


Call light response

Article- How long in time should it take to respond to a call light.

  1. Average Response Time: This report gives the number of calls and the average response times broken down by nurse station and shift. This report could also be printed for a group of rooms such as a managed care wing.

  2. Calls by room: This shows all rooms and displays data giving the number of calls and average response time for each room.

  3. Calls for one room: Displays call light activity for one room and also gives the average response time for this room.

  4. Summary of calls by time: Displays the number of calls received in each hour of the day and the percentage that were answered under 3 minutes.

  5. Longest calls: Displays calls sorted by the longest response times.

  6. List of all call activity: Displays all calls recorded giving date, time, room number, and elapsed time to answer call.

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