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The Omniwatch system is available to electronic systems contractors to install in nursing homes or hospitals. Systems are available with either computer reporting, radio paging or both.

  • Omniwatch is designed to retrofit existing call light systems. The system will work with the old AC volt systems to the newer digital systems.

  • Omniwatch can be sold with a new basic call light system. This combination system will cost much less than most new computer call light systems. The Omniwatch software produces data in a very useful form, some of which are not available in the more expensive computer call light systems.

  • The Omniwatch software runs on one of the computers already at the facility. This makes the system very easy to use and has the advantage of making the call light data available on the facility's computer network.

  • Omniwatch is installed by wiring a control panel to the annunciator lamps or dome lamps of the call light system. One control panel is used at each nurse station. A data cable is run between each control panel and an office computer.

  • Includes an interface to activate a radio pager. A radio paging transmitter is available from Omniwatch.

  • Installation assistance is available from Omniwatch.

  • Special interface boards are available to connect the Omniwatch system to several of the newer digital call light systems.

View a demo of Omniwatch program.
Latest version of the Installation and Maintainance Manual in Acrobat format.

Omniwatch OW400 Control Cabinet
OW400 Control Cabinet

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